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sunny 37 °C

We had an extra day to spare and the girls wanted to go back to the science museum but I wanted to see the Sacre coure in Montmarte, we had read online the place was really touristy and the illegal sellers were pushy but why not brave it. As soon as we got within the immediate area of the steps up to the church the sellers started, in all the places we have been they have never been this pushy or annoying, and not taking NO!!!!! for an answer. One grabbed Brianas arm when she said No and Michael went mental at him, needless to say he let us go.
We decided to walk up the million steps instead of waiting for the funicular. Girls not impressed in the hot weather.
The church at the top was beautiful but the views spoilt by scaffolding set up for a rollerblading display in a few days time.
A walk around the artist lined streets of Montmarte, we did some souviner shopping and headed back hot and sweaty.

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Eiffel Tower

sunny 37 °C

With much excitement from Kenzie we took an early metro ride to the Eiffell tower, we got there 20 minutes before opening to avoid the queues, which turned out to be a great idea. We waited the 20 minutes out and then The family minus me went on up. I decided not to waste our money on my entry fee as last time I was here I went up and straight back down in 1 minute. I was happy to people watch from the bottom for a couple of hours. The presence of armed soldiers at every major tourist sight takes a little getting used to but at the tower I felt very safe to relax. By this time the presence of all the illegal sellers was really grating on Briana and today was the only day I decided to buy from them. We haggled over 2 souviner eiffel towers and key rings. The girls were impressed with the trip up the tower and how far they could see. IMG_1813.jpgIMG_1809.jpgIMG_1803.jpgIMG_1795.jpgIMG_1791.jpgIMG_1831.jpgIMG_0864.jpgIMG_0855.jpgIMG_0866.jpgIMG_0859.jpg

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Arc de Triumph, Champ Elysee etc

sunny 32 °C

The Arc de Triumph impressed the girls as we drove around it in the taxi on the way into Paris, the crazy driving where there seem to be no road rules. We took the metro to the monument and had a look around. we crossed the road and walked down the Champs Eleysee (sorry about spelling) and checked out the Disney store, Michael had to buy a lunchbox and the girls decided what they needed to buy in Disneyland.
It was really hot so we walked amongst the trees down to the Louvre and along the Seine. Briana was over walking in the heat and we headed back to the apartment for a rest.

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Paris sightseeing

sunny 32 °C

Our first full day in Paris we decided to head out to Park Villette and explore the Science Museum, cite des sciences and de l'industrie.
I had read this was a great place to take children but because its mostly in french there could be some problems. We needn't have worried the childrens section was in French, English and Spanish. The childrens section was divided into 2 sections, one for the 2-7 year olds and one for 5-12. The area was divided into sections all with their own theme. Kenzie really enjoyed the water area and biological area. Briana enjoyed the TV / Movie area (no surprise). Michael and I were really impressed with the displays and the educational value of the whole place.
Anyone considering a trip to Paris with children this is a must do.
IMG_1706.jpg IMG_1693.jpgIMG_1685.jpgIMG_1677.jpgIMG_1674.jpgIMG_1673.jpgIMG_1666.jpgIMG_1656.jpgIMG_1651.jpgIMG_1647.jpgIMG_1644.jpgIMG_1623.jpgIMG_1621.jpgIMG_1617.jpgIMG_1612.jpg
After our session was over we explored the rest of the museum, with Michael happy to spend an hour in a science fiction exhibition.
Outside of the museum we had a walk around Park Villette, a quirky park with lots of contemporary art.
Exhausted we headed home both the girls wanting to go back tommorrow!! who would have thought.

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sunny 30 °C

We dropped off our Peugout in La Defense. Sad to see it go after nearly 6000 km. Anyone thinking about driving in Europe should consider a Eurolease, it has been a great way for our family to get around, and despite the cost of tolls (we spent over 300euros in 5 weeks) quite economical. Michael took to driving on the right side of the road easily and we had no major problems beside the odd nutter.
We caught a taxi to our apartment and home for the next 5 days, unpacked and went for a walk. This apartment had everything we needed and was very close to Montotgruel market, which is a pedestrian and the odd taxi street filled with bakeries, cheese shops chocolate and fruit shops etc. This became our base for stocking up the cupboards and take away lunch.
We have used the underground in every major city we could with ease. The Paris underground was super easy to navigate with the girls enjoying working out the quickest route to where we needed to be. The only thing was the Paris was a lot dirtier than the other major cities and more beggers and homeless people. The plus side was there were more buskers that would entertain in the metro stations and on the trains. The signs were more ornate than other cities and Kenzie enjoyed seeing what colour of the seats were at each station.
The homeless people around europe were a real eye opener for Briana and Kenzie, but more so in Paris the amount of homeless children and babies was particularly saddning. Briana got a little sceptical when she saw a cellphone poking out of a ladies gear while begging for money.
Day one in Paris done and looking forward to exploring more.

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