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hi everyone having lots of fun here missing all my family and friends haven't talk to any one my age for 6 days all family members my fav part yet has been going to this place called tescos it is a supermarket a clothing shop and a toy shop it is SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!! it is all so cheap it's 1 pound for 6 mars bars 2 dollars in nz money and today we went to a clothing shop i think all my friends would LOVE it.it is really cheap to i got 1 dress and 2 tops and 2 lip smakers having lots of fun and only into the first week miss you all

Briana Schofield

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The Markets

Bury Markets

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IMG_0571.jpgIMG_0567.jpgIMG_0566.jpgIMG_0565.jpgHi again all awake early this morning (yes even Janine). Decided to head out to the Bury Markets which is a 400 stall indoor outdoor market. You can buy a heap of local produce and try many things. I purchased some famous Bury Black Pudding and Aged Cheddar with Balsamic Onions. The cheese is fantastic will let you know tomorrow about the Black Pudding. Briana and Kenzie filled on lollies again but Briana said that this is the last lot she is buying for 2 weeks. Had lunch at Katsouris a local Deli come Cafe. We all had fantastic sandwiches (beef and stilton, roast pork and apple sauce and stuffing. Later we headed to the Rock and upmarket shopping area the girls purchased plenty of new dresses etc.. while Ken and I had to retreat to a cafe for replenishment as the shopping seemed to go for ever. Five hours later we finally left for home eccelles cakes and chorley cakes in hand for afternoon tea.

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The long haul

Flights to Manchester UK.

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P1050547.jpgP1050545.jpgP1050534.jpgP1050529.jpgP1050546.jpgWell we left Auckland on Monday the 2nd of May at 5.50pm bound for Manchester UK (30 hours later). What a flight Emirates were fantastic we could'nt fault them. Service and amount of food was amazing the kids ended up with to much and took it off with them. I got swabbed and searched at Melbourne for some reason, said they were checking for explosives, luckily I had left them all at home. The first leg to Melbourne went pretty quick, the one to Dubai (14 hours seemed to drag a bit). Has 2 hours in Dubai and I also got searched there had to take my shoes off and get them checked (do I really look that dodgy). From Dubai to Manchester we flew on the new Airbus along with 644 other people it was full not a spare seat. This plane was great more leg room and very quiet. All in all the flights were great besides the lack of sleep. Arrived Manchester Airport 12.15pm looking forward to getting to see Alison and Ken, family relations we were staying with. Manchester customs was a nightmare, 3 people checking passports, took 1 hour to get through, by then the kids were over it. The last 2 days have been really knackered asleep by 8.00pm and waking early. Been out for a couple of walks to parks the kids and they seem to be enjoying it. Both kids still asleep by 7pm at night it's amazing how out of wack you get. Briana has been to Tesco a big mega store and can't beleive how cheap all the junk food is she keeps comparing it to home. Going down the canals this afternnon for a nosey will write again soon and try and get some photos up, Take care , Mike.

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56 Days to go

Have we done it all?

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Well 56 days to go and we think we are all sorted. Money exchanged all accommodation booked, internal flights booked we are ready to go. We bit the bullet and finally changed our money to Euro and Pounds the NZ dollar seems to be get a pounding so we had to dive in. Bank account looks very sad now it was nice having money for a change, but it will be worth all the hard work.

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77 days to go

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P1050547.jpgDubai Airport

Dubai Airport

P1050545.jpgP1050534.jpgP1050529.jpgFirst entry as we navigate how to start a travel blog to keep our friends and family informed of our travels and thus ellimenating the need to email and send photos to lots of people. As we fast approach our May 2 departure date we still have heaps to organise, this Blog being one. I think the girls will have a blog each as well so that will be next on the list.

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