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Blackpool Pleasure Beach

A great day out.

semi-overcast 15 °C

The kids have been waiting for this and they were'nt disappointed. The Pleasure Beach at last visit 16 years ago was pretty run down and grotty. This time around it is the complete opposite. Very clean and tidy more like Disneyland.
We arrivied at opening and left at closing, there were no queues off one ride and straight onto another, we must have at least 30 rides.
The new Nicalodean Land opening 2 weeks before our vist and was fantastic, great roller coasters and rides, the only ride not enjoyed was the air bender, which was a real stomach turner, both the kids thought they were going to be sick.
We all went on the old woody roller coasters which were 60 odd years old, The Mouse Chase, The Stepplechase, and The Grand National.
The talking point of the day was who was going to go on the Pepsi Max, which is one of tallest roller coasters in the world, we all knew Janine would'nt but the kids???? In the end it was the brave Kenzie who lead the way and Briana and Me for back up. It was amazing to see there faces when the saw the huge drop at the top of the climb and the speed we go up to around 120 kmph. Kenzie could'nt lift her head with the G Force. I was proud of the girls and they really enjoyed it.
The ride of the day was the Valhalla, which is an indoor water ride. It is the best water ride in the world as voted last year and was amzing, but don't expect to come out dry at all and it is a great idea to leave it till last, we rode this twice and were absolutely soaked from head to toe. The ride has pirotechnics and amazing lighting it is themed around the russian old land. A must if you go. We have ahd shoes drying out for 3 days now but it was worth it. If you go to Blackpool this is a must.

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1st two days in Blackpool

overcast 14 °C

Hi Michael here we booked an apartment from reviews on TripAdvisor, Sunny Dees, it took about an hour to get there on the motorway. The promenade along the front of Blackpool is all closed for revamp, so finding the apartments which are on the promenade was a little harder than it should of been. Upon arrival we were upgraded to a seafront room as there were no other bookings and this was great at no extra charge. The rooms were great as were the owners. The weather was not great windy and wet, but it did improve throughout the week, The first day was spent looking in rock shops and the town.The second we went to Sandcastle Park. This is a new in door water park with 18 slides, wave pool and the worlds longest indoor water roller coaster which was amazing. We spent 7.5 hours here from open to close, it was fantastic, unlimited rides no waiting, warm water and air, the kids and adults loved it, even Aunty Alison and Uncle Ken rode a slide. Everyone was knackered at the end of a great day. Kenzie and Briana did not want to leave.

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Cadbury World Bournville

The wait is over

overcast 15 °C

Hi everyone Briana here today we drove two hours to a town called Bourneville and went to Cadburyland. When we arrived we ran to get our tickets as we were nearly late for our boked time, we got in the line to go in and when they checked our tickets we got two free chocolate bars Kenzie and I were so hungry that we scoffed down our first bar we walked in to a jungle kj started to freak out but it was just fake dummies. We watched 2 little clips then we walked into this theatre, we were in the middle of the clip of how the chocolate was made when the chairs started moving as nana would nana grabbed on to me and screamed when we got out of there we walk up some stairs and we had a pic takin of us in a flake bath.
Then we had a walk though the factory we wrote our name in chocolate which kenzie wrote right into mine then we had to wait 10 min in this line to go on a ride I went on with aunty allison, nana and me it was slow but lots of fun then we got to taste some more chocolate it was so yum then we walked into this place where there was these things you could do like you could have a photo takin then you start to fill up with chocolate on this big sceen also there is this big mat thing on the floor then these chocolate things appear on the mat and you have to stand on them so me and kj were standing on all these pieces of choco until they were into little pieces then we walked thorugh this land it was made out of fake chocolate and there was all the fake adds really cool.
Then we went into the shop I bought a cup and some chocolate that we don't have at home then we had lunch and we went into this place and we got to pick a type of lollie and it goes in a cup of liquid chocolate so yum, then we played on this so cool playground and went home had a great day bye


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Last couple of days

Around Rochdale

overcast 13 °C

IMG_0606.jpgIMG_0603.jpgIMG_0602.jpgHi, Mike here just a quick catch up, Monday we visited Middleton the kids wanted a swim so we went to the local complex that has only been open 6 months. No hydro slide, no kids pool, no balls, just a big pool full of water. Definitely not the New Plymouth Aquatic Centre.

In the afternoon we visited a Tesco Extra. Food is really a lot cheaper over here, and the choice amazing we filled a trolley full with clothes for the kids and heaps of crap we would,nt normally buy and it still did'nt come to $200.00, Milk, yes the product we have lots of in New Zealand was 3 x 2 litres for $6.00, has anyone seen it for that price in New Zealand.

We now have a rental car for the next 2 weeks to make things easier getting around.

Janine has been wanting to go canal boating since starting to save for the holiday 2 years ago. Today we drove to Hebden Bridge and collected our canal boat for 7 hours. After 30 minutes of training we chugged through 12 locks in total up and down. It's hard to beleive the locks have been there for 300 years. The locks are very simple to use and we would highly recommend you give it ago if you get a chance.

We stopped at Stubbing Wharf for a ale, I tried a local warm flat cider it was'nt bad.

The day was finished off with potato hash and a feed of greasy English Fish and Chips. IMG_0168.jpgIMG_0164.jpgIMG_0144.jpgIMG_0136.jpgIMG_0126.jpg

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Briana #2

semi-overcast 8 °C

Hi everyone Briana here we went to the middelton arena yesterday and when we were driving we saw 2 kids my age on a bike and one of them had a smoke in his hand and acting like he was all smart haha how would smoke at thatage that has been the worst thing i have every seen other than that my hoilday has been so fun we r goin to cadbury world on thursday YEAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you get to make your own choco i miss my friends so much so i better go now but until then i have one thing to say don't every smoke!!!!

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