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In amongst tripping off to Norway and Europe we have enjoyed day trips in and around Rochdale. The girls have taken a liking to interactive Museums and the MOSI Museum of science and Industry in Manchester did not disappoint. On arrival the kids got a swipe card and got their photo put up on an interactive board. They used the swipe card to guide them through the museum. Manchester is a city built on Industry and I learnt lots about the textile industry. We watched an awesome 4D movie and had a lovely lunch.

Hebden Bridge

Another day we took the train to Hebden bridge and a look around the shops. The shops are so cute and the streets just gorgeous. On our way home we stopped at the famous Grandma pollards chippy, which is meant to be the best in England. It was pretty good with a mix of homemade pies and fish.

Yesterday we drove to Haworth in the Yorkshire dales, a really scenic drive over the moors to the village of Haworth made famous by being where the Bronte sisters lived. I spent the day singing Wuthering heights to myself. The Village is yet again a lovely shopping street with cute little boutique shops and even a cafe called Wharenui where they sell Kiwi burgers but it was too busy (of course) so we couldn't eat there.
We went through the church where the Bronte sisters are buried and the Parsonage.


In Littlebourgh we found Schofield street, time for a photo op.

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We have just returned from 5 days in Notodden, Norway. We arrived back to England just hours before the events in Norway took place. Norway is such a quiet and peaceful country and this has shocked everyone. Now as I write the small town where my family live has been devastated by floods which started on the day we left. Our thoughts are with all the family as they feel grief for their nation while isolated from their family.

On a happier note we enjoyed 5 trouble free lovely days exploring the region around Notodden. Raewyn and Lynn (Dads Cousins) picked us up from the airport and we enjoyed a lovely dinner on arrival. The girls were given seperate rooms but both decided to bunk down together in one room. (will be interesting when we return home)

Tuesday we drove to Kongsberg which translates to Kings mountain. Raewyns son in law Tom met us at the silver mines there and escorted us through a tour. It was a great tour taking us by small train 2 km inside the mountain to view the mines. The mines then go up 300m and down 700m. The children were kept busy looking for treasure in chests and if they found 5 they get a coin at the end. The tour was really interesting and we all learnt heaps. exiting the girls got their coins and got to stamp it with a huge hammer.

We then enjoyed an impressive lunch at Lynda and Toms, meeting Their grand daughters Mina (9) and Kine (14) and Rune Their Dad.
Mina and Kenzie and Sigrid had a ball playing with little language barriers. Helene took Kine and Briana for a drive into Kongsberg to have a look around and get to know each other. We had a great afternoon chatting and getting to know the family.

That night the girls went to stay with Sigrid and Helene. The next day Helene took the girls to summerland the largest waterpark in europe, much to Brianas taste. Raewyn and Lyn took Michael and I for a drive around town and to a exhibition on Trolls, which was really interesting. We later met with the girls at The Heddal church an old stave church on the out skirts of town. The church is really beautiful made with no nails at all. We then explored the nearby museum where Briana entertained a group of Italians with her stilt skills.


That night Helene mad Moose cakes for us, Kenzie was not impressed at all but the rest of us enjoyed them. We finished dinner with a lovely cream and Norwegian berry dessert.
The next day we had Arild and his 2 children Rennie(4) and Ayla (1) Helene, Elizabeth and Mina join us for lunch and dinner. Rennie and Ayla warmed to us really easily without a word of english and I was enjoying cuddles with Ayla throughout the afternoon.
Michael and Arild had plenty to talk about with Arild being a Manchester United fan. It was great getting to know everyone over the few days.
We would like to thank Raewyn, Bjorn, Lyn and Helene and Family for their hospitality and look forward to returning the favour if ever they are in our neck of the woods.

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We head North east for todays daytrip. Lots of people have recommended a trip to York so off we go. We took the train from Castleton to Rochdale , Rochdale to Leeds, Leeds to York. 2hours in total. The trains here are very comfortable and reliable and reasonably inexpensive, especially when we got a railcard that saves us 30%.
Exiting the train station and heading towards the wall you get the first sight of the York Minster, a very impressive Cathedral. We all decided to go in and the girls were given a treasure hunt to find as they walked around the church. Briana decided this was too babyish and gave me hers, so Kenzie Stephen and I set off. The hunt made the walk around the church really interesting and we all learnt something.

We walked around the cute little streets and did some more souviner shopping. There are some gorgeous specialty shops in York but with our bags already bursting we had to resist alot. (well I did). I did find this cute little button shop called duttons for buttons and bought a shopping bag (canvas) which you buy various buttons and sew them on, very cool. (for me anyway). We had lunch at an old pub before looking around even more shops. There is a street called the Shambles where all the old buildings are all over the place and the road is very narrow. I love towns that make their shopping areas pedestrian only areas, makes for easy shopping. I didn't want to leave but we had a long train ride home.


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Walt Disney Studios

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After 2 days in Disneyland we had done all we wanted at least once we headed next door to Walt Disney Studios. We had read on line that Crushs coaster (a rollercoaster in a turtle shell) gets busy quick and has no fast pass so get there first. We ran straight away and to our relief got on in 10 mins, it was a great family ride and Kenzie in particular enjoyed the turtle element. Lucky we did this because when we got out 15 mins later the queue was 90mins and that was the shortest it got for 2 days. (3 hours at one time).

With that out of the way we made our way around the park taking the rides in between fast passes on the rock and roller coaster (very cool) and the many shows the park has.
We went to Stitch live show where much to the girls embarrassment Michael and I were picked out of the audience to take part. Thankfully we were not allowed our cameras in there!!
We managed to see all the shows and each one was very impressive and we really enjoyed Walt Disney park.
Kenzie and I went and Queued for Mickey again this time with our Live Mag to send in when we get home.

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Disneyland Paris

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Most anticipated by the girls, our time has come, we arrive and settle into our new hotel in Val d Europe, 5 mins from Disneyland. We only have 1/2 a day so decide to have a look around the huge shopping centre next door which conveniently has an aquarium in it. Kenzie excited to go see the turtles we find the Aquarium to be much better than anticipated. The girls are given a scratchy card with questions on and as we make our way around the site the girls have to read about the sea creatures to get the corect anwers to win a prize. Lets just say we all learnt something new that day. The 2 turtles were huge and we watched them for quite a while, unfortunatley we forgot our camera.

Day 2. Disneyland Paris: We decided with our 4 day pass to do 2 days at disneyland and 2 days at Walt Disney studios. The Park opens at 10am and they let you in about 9.30 to make your way to the first ride. There is a great system where you can get a fast pass for selected rides which gives you a time to come back and avoid the queues. we used this to the maximum. Instead of explaining every ride I will just put on a selection of the 2 million photos we took as we all know pictures tell a thousand words.

Kenzie found it hard when the Disney characters were out and about, the europeans have no idea of queues and she was not aggressive enough to push the little 3 year olds pushing in out of the way, so we didn't get as many character photos as she would have liked. We both decided we prefered the ordily queues to meet Mickey where it was controlled.
As a family we decide Space Mountain was our favourite even though my earrings fell out from the shaking. We did this ride at least 4 times. Overall we had no longer queue than 50 mins but that was more good planning and use of fast passes than good luck, there were plenty of 90min queues if we wanted. NOT. Unfortunatly the Indiana Jones ride was closed while we were there.

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